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Career Transition Programs

Intensive targeted programs from 4 to 16 sessions in duration.

• Resume Program.

• Interview Techniques Program.

• Career Directions Program.

• Intensive Job Search Program.

• Career Management Program.

• Total Career Transition Program.

Outplacement Programs

Specifically tailored programs based around individual needs.

• Executive Outplacement Programs.

• Senior and Middle Management Programs.

• Employee Outplacement programs.


As a result of organisational restructuring and constant change; redundancy, career moves and job loss are not uncommon today. Increasingly, organisations are choosing to support their Executives, Managers and Staff through this process by providing Career Transition and Outplacement Services.

CarlyleYoung Group can assist organisations and staff to achieve positive outcomes at this time of difficult decisions and change.

CarlyleYoung Group can assist your organisation to effectively handle your staff departures and to maximise the benefits of change for your staff, whilst also assisting your organisation to maintain a positive internal and public profile.

Select From:

For Departing Executives, Managers and Employees

• Personal support and counselling to handle changes.

• Personal and life review and directions.

• Career options, planning and management.

• Job search skills and strategies.

• Employment placement support.

• Life and retirement planning.

For Your Organisation and Managers Handling the Change:

• Support to plan, implement and manage the redundancy program.

• Assistance to managers to implement changes.

• Support on site at time of announcements and departures.

• Assistance to handle the potentially negative effects of changes on    remaining staff.

CarlyleYoung Group’s services are tailored to meet organisational and individual needs. Services include the following:

If you would like more information about our Outplacement Programs please contact us today.